What swimming pool chemicals do you need?

One of the most important components of successful pool maintenance, along with pool cleaning and sweeping tools, is swimming pool chemicals specially formulated to maintain the quality of the water in optimal swimming conditions.

Chlorine is known to many as one of the main pool chemicals but are there any others?

Swimming pool chemicals

Chlorine for swimming pools

As we have already mentioned, chlorine is one of the most important swimming pool chemicals, as it is responsible for disinfecting the pool water and killing germs and bacteria that can accumulate.

Normally, for convenience, chlorine tablets are used for private pool maintenance. We, as pool maintenance experts, always recommend liquid chlorine, as chlorine tablets cause the residual product to build up in the water and increase the isocyanuric acid (at high levels, it cancels out the disinfecting effect of chlorine).

Swimming pool salt

Another swimming pool chemical that has also become a trend in recent years is pool salt. Swimming pool salt is used as a substitute for swimming pool chlorine, since, with the help of a salt chlorinator installed in the pool, the salt is converted into chlorine and has the same disinfecting power.

Salt is used instead of chlorine because it prevents eye irritation, dry skin and a strong chlorine smell. It also has beneficial health properties, such as eliminating toxins.

PH correctors

Other swimming pool chemicals are PH correctors. The PH of swimming pool water should be between 7 and 7.6. If the PH values of the pool water are not between these levels, the disinfectant effect of the chlorine may be cancelled out. For this reason, it is important to always have PH correctors at hand, both to increase and to decrease it.



These swimming pool chemicals are very common when, due to lack of water maintenance, a green layer appears on the bottom or sides of the pool. This green layer is algae, caused by organisms that are generated when the water is stagnant and the disinfection is not correct.

swimming pool chemicals




When the water in your pool looks cloudy, it means that there is an excessive concentration of micro-particles and the water is not in optimal conditions for swimming, although it is not dangerous.

To reduce the turbidity of the pool water, the swimming pool chemicals we use are flocculants, which act by binding the microparticles together, making them weigh down and settle to the bottom of the pool for subsequent suction.


Chemical products recommended by experts.

After more than 20 years of experience in the maintenance of swimming pools of all sizes, from private pools to pools in resorts and large hotels, we know exactly what the pool water needs to have optimal conditions for swimming.

That’s why we’ve gone one step further by offering for sale the swimming pool chemicals that we use ourselves on a daily basis to maintain our customers’ pools. These swimming pool chemicals have very high quality standards and offer all the guarantees that a chemical product should have.

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