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Periodic pool maintenance

As part of our procedure of action, when we start the maintenance of the swimming pool, we carry out a complete check of the facilities and filtration equipment. We also perform a comprehensive analysis of the pool water to check the quality of it.

In the periodic MAINTENANCE of the POOL, we clean the pool as many times as necessary so that the pool and its elements work properly, regardless of the season of the year (summer or winter).

The tasks that we perform as part of the maintenance of the pool are:

In Atlantir we adapt our pool visits according to the season. In the winter months, there is less influx of bathers and it is colder, so fewer visits are necessary. In the summer season, we visit the pool almost daily, so our customers can always enjoy it in their free time.

We have an emergency service 24 hours in the summer season to solve any unforeseen that may arise and thus, DO NOT CLOSE ANY POOL IN BATH SEASON.

One of our main objectives is to maintain the state of the pool water in optimal conditions for bathing. Therefore, we perform a water analysis at each visit to know the values ​​of PH, Chlorine, Turbidity Level and Algae Level. In this way, we can detect possible chemical problems and take quick and effective measures so that the water status of the pool does not affect the users.

In addition, in the summer season, we carry an exhaustive control of the water to avoid possible hygiene problems. When it is considered necessary, we carry out a special measurement with a microprocessor-controlled photometer for the precise determination of water parameters.

In the summer season, it is very important to respond quickly to any problems that may arise in the pool, such as failure of the pool pump, the breakdown of the lights, breakage of the chlorine dispenser, water leaks or small electrical problems. in the pool.

That is why ATLANTIR includes in its pool maintenance such services as the assistance, diagnosis, assembly and disassembly and the necessary travel to give an immediate solution to the problems that have arisen.

  • Cleaning of skimmers and filters.
  • Aspiration and sweeping of the bottom of the pool.
  • Maintenance and cleaning of chlorine dispensers.
  • Cleaning of the waterline that is generated by the excessive use of oils and sunscreens.
  • Removal of leaves, insects and any other element that appears in the pool.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of showers with disinfectant products to prevent fungus and other skin conditions.
  • Review of all the elements of the pool and the showers to check its correct functioning.
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