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We follow an efficient work method, whereby each caregiver is responsible for ensuring that their POOL, GARDEN or COMMUNITY is perfect to enjoy each season. Our more than 15 years of experience allow us to have a full knowledge of all possible problems, offering a tailored solution for each specific need.

Our logistics structure allows us the highest technical quality, a quick response to problems that arise and to be so competitive in price that you can't even imagine what you can save: from specialized products to energy.

At Atlantir you can find all the pool products you are looking for. With more than 20 years in the pool maintenance industry, we know exactly what types of pool products work best, which brands are the best, and what each type of pool needs, depending on its influx, size, etc.

Our physical store is located on the Carretera de Almoradí a Dolores, 37A, in Dolores, Alicante. You can contact us by calling 96 572 62 08 or sending an e-mail to info@atlantir.com

Swimming pool treatment

Do you want to have clean and crystal clear water in your pool? With our swimming pool products and, in particular, our chemical products for the treatment of swimming pool water, you will have a clean, disinfected swimming pool in optimum conditions for swimming.

From liquid chlorine, chlorine tablets, algaecides, etc. to salt chlorinators, automatic chlorinators, etc. we have a wide range of pool products so that the water is always ready for swimming.

Swimming pool accessories

Most swimming pool products are categorised as swimming pool accessories. Specifically, in our shop specialising in swimming pool products you will find:

  • Outside pool equipment: ladders, slides, showers, grids, heat pumps, etc.
  • Material for the pool vase: skimmers, drains, wall bushings, nozzles, etc.
  • Lighting: LED spotlights, halogen spotlights, etc. We also have a technical service for the installation or repair of lighting in the pool.
  • Cleaning material: Leaf collectors, pool cleaners, brushes, hoses, poles, etc.
  • Linings: we have a wide range of the best brands of tiles for swimming pools. In addition, our masonry team will be able to help you to repair the glass of your pool or any other work you need.


One of the fundamental parts of a swimming pool is its filtration system. For us it is essential that the pool has good equipment that adapts to the needs and characteristics of each pool. For this reason, in our swimming pool products shop we offer the best brands in filtration equipment, as well as the necessary accessories for the pool to work perfectly. Specifically, we have swimming pool filters from the best brands, such as Astralpool, swimming pool pumps, selector valves, electrical panels, etc. We also have a technical service team to help you with any problems that may arise.

Swimming pool Covers

At Atlantir we are aware that it is sometimes necessary to cover the pool when it is not going to be used for long periods of time. That is why, in our range of products for swimming pools, we offer winter pool covers and thermal blankets to maintain the temperature of the water. We provide a fully customised quote adapted to the characteristics of each pool.

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