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Community maintenance

As a company dedicated to maintaining communities, cleaning is one of our main objectives. We have specialized machinery for cleaning community roads, such as industrial sweepers, scrubbers and vacuum cleaners. In addition, we use top quality products to obtain an optimal result.

We have experience in ALL KINDS OF CLEANING, from cleaning large surfaces to cleaning private homes, offices, etc.

We cover the provinces of Alicante and Murcia, do not hesitate to ask us for a quote.

The tasks that we perform as part of the maintenance of the pool are:

We clean the pavement of the interior roads of the urbanization by sweeping, vacuuming and mechanical scrubbing, with the appropriate machinery for this. In addition, we collect trash cans from the urbanization and change the garbage bag.

The service also includes the dusting and scrubbing of community mailboxes, using micro-fiber cloths and an appropriate product, as well as the removal of advertising from the mailbox destined for this purpose.

We have the right machinery for large cleanings, such as parking areas. Thus, we perform the sweeping and mechanical scrubbing of the area thoroughly, stopping in areas where there may be more grease or dirt.

In addition, we clean the walls and ceiling with a pressurized machine.

We also perform the cleaning of doors, downspouts, plugs, extinguishers, etc.

We know how important it is to feel good in your own home, that is why our cleaning team takes a really good care of it and keeps it nice and tidy.

In particular, we perform floor cleaning by sweeping and scrubbing with specific products. We clean windows, doors and glass with products suitable for each surface. In the bathrooms, we clean and disinfect toilets, faucets, and tiles. In the kitchen, we clean doors, cabinets, appliances, and tiles.

We also clean the furniture of the house with micro-fiber cloths and specific products for each surface.

Our cleaning team is prepared for all kinds of services, such as:

Cleaning with pressure water and disinfection of the pool terrace, cleaning of the common areas of the urbanization (gyms, saunas, social clubs, etc.), sports facilities, etc.

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