We are experts in communities We take care of your pool, gardens and common areas in your residential.


Created in 1998, ATLANTIR is a company dedicated to the integral maintenance of communities and urbanizations, provides services to the South of Alicante and North of Murcia. We have established professional services of maintaining private’s and community’s swimming pools, as well as their surroundings. That is to say, we provide all the necessary effort to provide well-being to our customers, so they can enjoy clean water in their pool, the green color of their garden and the tidiness of their home and urbanization.

Our most important resource

is our workers

Since it is they who provide the service that Atlantir offers. Therefore, we are very aware of its continuous training and renewal with the latest updates of the sector. All the personnel of our company is correctly informed and is trained according to the law of prevention of occupational risks.

Atlantir wants to contribute to the tranquility and well-being of all the customers, creating a clean, safe and beautiful environment, in terms of swimming pools, gardens and everything related to the outdoors, providing the know-how and high-quality products.

We have a team of qualified trained professionals to perform their work in the various services that the company offers: integral maintenance of swimming pools, ponds, and fountains, gardening, community cleaning and masonry services both in repairs of swimming pools like any other type of work. In addition, we have electricians, mechanical painters, and plumbers, to solve with agility any unforeseen technical work to be done while reducing costs to our customers.