How to repair a pool leak

When the good weather ends and the cold begins to arrive, we usually forget about everything related to the pool, we think that when the new swimming season arrives, we will get everything ready. But nothing could be further from the truth, to have the pool in good condition, the ideal would be that when the swimming season is over in the pool, all the elements that need to be repaired would be fixed.


In this sense, when there is a leak in the pool, it must be repaired as soon as it is detected. Firstly, because if the water level drops too low, some element of the pool can break, such as the pump, filter, etc. On the other hand, because of the expense of water that can be produced by having to be filling the pool and the expense of water can be increased.


Normally, when we detect a leak in the pool with our leak detection service, we pass the incident to our masonry team and they proceed to repair it.

There are several types of leaks in the pool:

– Leaks in the swimming pool’s wall passages. That is, on the walls of the pool where the skimmers, spotlights, etc. are placed and on the bottom of the pool. In this case, as our ink check tells us exactly where the leak is in the pool, we puncture the entire area, remove the damaged material and clean it up with special sealing products so that it does not occur again in the future.

leak detection


– Leaks in the swimming pool pipes. In this case, to detect leaks in the pool, we use tracer gas or geophones, which tell us precisely where in the pipe the leak is in the pool. In this case, when our leak detection equipment marks the exact point, it passes the incident to our masonry team, which proceeds to repair it: the pavement or earth is removed to access the damaged pipe, it is cleaned with new material and the pavement or earth is put back in place.

deteccion de fugas


– Leaks in the steps of the pool. This type of leakage is the most difficult to detect, as on most occasions we do not know that the steps are hollow and that, if there is a leak in that area of the pool, water can accumulate underneath it. In this case, it would be necessary to remove the water that has accumulated and seal the damaged part.


Experts in leak detection.

In Atlantir we have the best human team and the most innovative technology to detect any kind of leakage in pools. Moreover, after our report with the state of the leakage of the pool, we can help you with the repair of the pool, since we have a team of expert masonry in pool repair with more than 20 years of experience.

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