How to enjoy the pool in winter.

January has arrived and, as we Spaniards usually say when it’s cold, “hace un frío que pela”. In particular, in the south east of Spain, winter arrives in a mild manner, we do not have extreme temperatures and the winter sun is present almost every day. But, even though the sun shines, enjoying the pool in winter is unthinkable. Or not.

It is a pity not to be able to enjoy the pool in winter, to be able to take a relaxing bath in the morning or at the end of the day, after a long walk. If you are one of those who thinks that we have to try to enjoy the pool in winter, keep reading, this will interest you.


Heating the water to enjoy the pool in winter.

One of the ways to enjoy the pool in winter is to heat the water with a heat pump specifically designed to heat the pool water. Depending on the characteristics of your pool (size, capacity, etc.) you will need a machine that heats the water more or less powerfully. In addition, a professional installation will have to be carried out so that everything works correctly.

There are many brands on the market that manufacture heat pumps, such as Hayward, Certikin, Gre, etc. But we, because of the quality and guarantees offered by the brand, usually recommend the Astralpool or Hayward brand.

We are aware that it is not a small investment, but if you think of the benefits it will bring you in terms of quality of life, it is worth it.


disfrutar de la piscina en invierno



Installing a cover to enjoy the pool in winter

Another option, together with that of heating the water, is to install a cover that protects the water and allows you to enjoy the pool in winter.

With a covered pool you can take a bath or swim in your pool and enjoy it in winter and summer. Imagine receiving the winter sun that we have in the southeast of Spain but without feeling cold, with average temperatures of 25º, incredible isn’t it?

In this sense, we work with one of the best companies in southeast Spain in the installation of pool covers, Cupoola by Vegametal.

There are many different models of pool covers, depending on the design of your pool, the space you have around it, the height you need, etc. At Cuppola they will be able to inform you without any obligation.



Maintenance to enjoy your pool in winter

In addition to installing a heat pump or cover on your pool, the most important thing is to continue to maintain the pool in winter so that the water has a good quality for bathing. It is important to carry out periodic analyses to find out the condition of the pool water and which chemical products should be used.

If you want to know more information about our swimming pool maintenance services, click here.