How to care for the lawns in hot weather?

Keep your green areas healthy during a heatwave!

Beautiful sunshine and cloudless sky are the perfect conditions for enjoying the summertime in Spain. However, warm weather and a lack of rainfall can start to cause some serious damage to your garden – especially when it lasts few weeks and the temperatures are above 40 degrees. Also what can happen is a ‘temporary use ban’ (also known as a hosepipe ban) placed by the water company during such a hot season.

Thankfully, there are few things you can do to help keep your green areas healthy even during a hot spell. Read on for our top tips.

So, how to care for lawns in Spain?

Temporary use bans can put a halt to using a sprinkler in your garden, thankfully this needn’t mean that your lawn suffers. Below we have five small tips on hot weather lawn care, which can make a huge difference in this difficult period.

  1. Set your lawnmower to cut grass a little longer. This extra height means that the soil beneath is less likely to dry out – helping to keep the lawn greener for longer.


  1. Keep cutting – mow the lawn regularly. We recommend doing it at least every couple of weeks to prevent grasses running to seed and weeds taking hold.


  1. During dry spells, your lawn may start to lose its lush green color. Don’t worry – as soon as rainfall returns it will green up again. There’s no need to sow additional grass seed or water daily.


  1. 4. If you’ve been away and your lawn has overgrown, don’t cut it short in one go. Do it in stages by gradually lowering the blades on your lawnmower each time you cut.

5. Avoid laying new turf – this requires regular watering to establish itself and so is best done during more temperate weather, such as spring and autumn.