Zodiac MX8, the best pool cleaner on the market

The good weather begins and the first thing those of us who have a swimming pool think about is taking a refreshing dip and enjoying the summer months. But in order to enjoy your pool, you need to keep it in optimal conditions. That’s why, in this article, we want to recommend one of the best hydraulic pool cleaners on the market, the Zodiac MX8. We tell you why.

Zodiac is a pioneering European brand in the development of products for the maintenance and treatment of swimming pools. For us, it is one of the great brands in the swimming pool sector, due to the quality of its products and the innovative technology it develops. In this case, the Zodiac MX8 hydraulic pool cleaner is one of the automatic pool cleaners most highly valued by customers.

zodiac mx8


Zodiac MX8, hydraulic pool cleaner

The Zodiac MX8 is designed to clean pools up to 12 x 6 metres. Zodiac has developed its own navigation system called X-Drive, which allows the Zodiac MX8 pool cleaner to clean the entire pool regardless of its shape or the pool floor. In addition, its belt-driven system ensures total mobility around the pool, whatever the pool lining materials.

But the best and most outstanding feature of the Zodiac MX8 is its powerful turbine, with up to ten times more power than its previous version. The Zodiac MX8’s turbo suction system, with two suction propellers, guarantees optimum suction results. You no longer have to worry about the annoying sediment that accumulates on the bottom and in the corners of your pool, the Zodiac MX8 pool cleaner reaches every nook and cranny.


At Atlantir we have all the pool products you need, including the Zodiac MX8 pool cleaner. You can visit our physical shop in Dolores, Alicante, at Carretera de Almoradí a Dolores, 37A. In addition, for purchases over 30€ you will be entered into a GIVEAWAY draw for this same pool cleaner, the Zodiac MX8. You can participate until 15 August 2021.

Here is the technical information provided by Zodiac on its website.

Technical sheet

Type of pools:

Types: private in-ground pools and above-ground pools with rigid walls up to 12×6 m
Shapes: Rectangular, oval and free-form.
Bottoms: Flat, gentle slope and compound slope
Liners: Gresite, liner, polyester shell, reinforced PVC, painted concrete


Cleaning areas: Bottom and walls
Cleaning cycle: 6h filtration in 3 cycles of 2h is recommended.
Power source: Pool filtration equipment
Displacement: Random
Installation: By the user on the pool cleaner intake or on the skimmer
Operating system: Suction turbine and 2 suction propellers
Type of debris sucked: Fine, medium-sized

Technical characteristics

Hose length: 12 sections of 1 m
Dimensions of the cleaner: (L x W x H) 41 x 19 x 22 cm
Packaging dimensions: (L x W x H) 102 x 23 x 37 x 37 cm
Weight of cleaner: (head) 3.2 kg
Weight with packaging: 9.5 kg
Filtration capacity: Swimming pool filtration circuit
Cleaning coverage: 36 cm
Travel speed: 8 m/min
Minimum filtration pump power requirement: 3/4 hp (1 hp for tiled pools)


Warranty: 2 years

Accessories included:

– Twist Lock hoses

– Conical adapter

– 45° extension

– 45° elbow

– Automatic flow regulator

– Automatic flow control valve (skimmer)

Optional accessories:

– Set of 6 x 1m Twist Lock hoses

Instruction Manual

(click here to download it)