Tips for renting your property in Orihuela Costa

With housing prices rising in Spain, renting your property is a sound investment, and many Expats are becoming landlords to secure their investment and start building a property portfolio.

So what kinds of things can you do as a landlord to prepare your property for rent? We’ve prepared some top design and maintenance ideas to make your property stand out in the market, as well as a checklist of responsibilities you should be aware of to help you get your place rental ready.

Fix It Up

Do a close inspection of the property and fix anything that’s broken or damaged, whether major or minor. Keep an eye out for chipped paint, jammed locks, broken tiles, dripping taps, dirty skylights, and torn fly-screens.




A few well-chosen white goods can add to the value of the rent and also increases convenience for renters. Leaving a dishwasher and a washing machine are a good start, although you may also consider including a tumble dryer or a microwave. These little touches can make a tenant feel taken care of.


Know Your Responsibilities

Landlords must guarantee the safety of any rental property, ensuring that no injury could be posed by your property to tenants or neighbors. Check with the government website to be sure that your property is complying with the law. Basic responsibilities include ensuring that elements such as electricity, gas, and heating are in working order and that there are no health-threatening issues in the home, such as mold or rising damp. You may also wish to look into taking out landlord insurance protect you against some of the risks associated with renting that aren’t covered by home and contents insurance or strata title insurance policies.

Property Manager vs. Do-It-Yourself

Some owners find managing their own properties immensely satisfying; it can keep overall costs down, and can also lead to great and lasting relationships with your tenants. But if this sounds like a lot of work to you, you might consider engaging a property manager to save you time and make the process easier.




If you are looking for a property manager please contact Atlantir, we offer a full wide range of services including key holding and property management.