How to Maintain a Cool Swimming Pool Temperature in Summer?

In Spain, summer temperatures can reach really high levels. The sun can be so strong at times and maintaining a cool water temperature in your swimming pool can be a challenge. A common question among our clients during the summer tends to be “How to Maintain a Cool Swimming Pool Temperature in Summer?” At ATLANTIR, our experts offer some handy advice for reducing water temperatures, helping you to enjoy your pool and stay cool during the summer.

Purchase a Pool Cover

Buying an affordable shaded pool cover is highly recommended for a variety of reasons. It offers the perfect protection from the harshness of the sun outside, it also keeps pool water naturally cool, and provide protection from the damaging effects of UV rays. This also helps minimise your risk of developing sunburns, heatstroke, and even skin cancer.

On top of maintaining cool pool temperatures on hot days, shaded covers are also useful for preventing dirt and debris from falling into the water when not in use.

Water Spraying

Water spraying features installed in pools can serve as an effective cooling mechanism on hot and sunny days. This is also the easiest way to cool your water off. It is an attachment that plugs or screws into the side of your pool that sprays a fountain of water being back into your pool. Oxygen is then introduced to the small droplets of water that are sprayed through the air and when it lands back into the pool, it helps bring the pool temperature down a few degrees

Pool Coolers

Another option to cool your water is a pool cooler. Similar in operation to a heat pump, water flows through the cooler and passes by cold air created from the unit’s fan. The chilled water is then pumped back into the pool. Most people can expect to see a 10-15 degree difference when running the system, and there are optional temperature controls if you would prefer to not decrease the temperature as much.

Add Cold Water

Whether you own a concrete pool or a fiberglass pool, adding several litres of cold water from a hose is a fast solution to drop the temperature by a few degrees – as long as your local water restrictions allow it.

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