Grass in the garden: what kind of lawn to choose

The lawn in the garden has different functions: as a surface, a background, a filler of empty places around plants or even a recreation area for sports. What kind of lawn you choose depends on the function the grass in the garden has to fulfill.

Check the types of lawn you can create in your garden.

Smooth, green and well-maintained lawn surface not only emphasizes the beauty of neighboring plants but also can be a great place to relax. It is nice to walk on soft grass or lie on it in the shade of a tree. We do not always realize that our mood is affected by the surrounding microclimate. Grassland enriches the environment with oxygen and water vapor, and on hot days it lowers the temperature at the ground by several degrees.

Types of lawns: carpet lawn

It emphasizes ornamental values of plants and architecture. It must be uniform: set on perfectly prepared, carefully cleaned of weeds and leveled ground, on the fertile and permeable soil. This lawn should be mowed frequently (every three to five days) and low (3-4 cm) and regularly and evenly watered. This type of lawn is suitable for bi-component mixtures from low grasses: filamentous and red fescue plants, common grass and dog grasses. This kind of grass rug grows well in sunny and semi-dark places. The care is labor intensive.

Types of lawns: park lawns

It is usually installed on a large area with uneven conditions. It can be mowed less frequently (twice a month) and higher, more or less 10 cm. The mixes include grasses resistant to unfavorable conditions. They withstand shading and periodic water scarcity but are not very resistant to intense trampling.

Types of lawns: recreational lawn

It is most suitable for home gardens. Grows well in the sun and in partial shade, largely adapts to the habitat in which it grows. It is usually mown every seven to ten days to a height of about 6 cm. In areas with particularly difficult growing conditions, grass adapted to these conditions should be better than blends of grass seeds.

Types of lawns: meadow lawn

It’s actually not a lawn, but a flower meadow. Perfect for large areas of the plot, which due to the lack of time we can not deal intensely. It is extremely decorative, because the meadow mixes, in addition to grasses, contain seeds of nicely flowering plants (cornflowers, yarrow, alfalfa, lupins, clovers, poppies). They are cut only a few times a year. They are recommended for large gardens maintained in a natural style.

Close gray kitten in the green grass

Types of lawns: sports lawn

Blends of grass on such a lawn are very durable on trampling, but they require professional care.