Choosing the right place for a pool

When planning to build or rebuild a swimming pool, we first consider where it would be best to locate it. It can be a place in your garden, outside the building as well as inside it.


The most popular place for the indoor pool is the basement. The idea of building it usually appears when the house is being designed. Of course, this action can be taken later, but then the implementation of this goal will be much more expensive and more difficult because it will not be possible without matching rooms and installations.

An indoor swimming pool requires effective moisture management, which is created by evaporation of water. It is important to ensure the right temperature and humidity of the air in the room where it is located. Air temperature above the pool water temperature of approx. 2 ° C reduces water evaporation. Therefore, it should be ensured that it is maintained at this level. The pool cover should also be used to reduce evaporation. A very good option is to install air conditioning or to place an air dryer. However, it should be remembered that the dehumidifier works only in some places and not always efficiently.

However, the correct location of the pool in the garden depends on, among others, the ground, the degree of groundwater and what kind of surface is to be under the pool. The necessary thing is to connect the water and electricity installations – the most convenient solution is to build a swimming pool very close to the house. The place should be secluded, sunny, located away from trees and tall bushes that could contaminate water, and above all, where we will not be seen by neighbors or people passing by. It’s best that the pool does not border the lawn. Its area should be hard and finished. In most gardens, pools of around 4 × 8 m are built. Such a size is sufficient to allow the whole family to take part in the bath. A large swimming pool, despite the fact that it is very comfortable, requires high costs for its construction and use. When thinking about the size of the pool in addition to the location, you should also think about real needs.


The length of the pool does not have to be more than 8 m if no special sporting interests are important to us. The number of pool users determines the width at the same time. Its dimensions can range from 2.5 m to 8.5 m. In the pool, many more people can bathe as it is intended for water games. A sufficient level of swimming depth for recreational purposes is 1.5. It is the most advantageous for economic and utilitarian reasons. A depth of more than 1.6-2 m is not indicated. It is too shallow for jumping from a trampoline and in turn too deep for water games. It also contributes to higher costs of using the pool, because even with its small size, it has a large capacity. If we want the pool to include a trampoline, its deeper part should be 2.3 m and the remaining 1.5 m.


We decide about the shape of the pool ourselves. As a result of the architect’s or investor’s imagination, a simple geometrical pool may be created or a more elaborate one. However, all complex ideas will probably contribute to higher construction costs and problems with swimming. Before building a pool in the garden it is necessary to check whether there are any underground installations in the space intended for its construction. The tank should be at least 1.5 m deep. This is more than in the case of the depth at which the water installation is carried out, or power cables, etc. The roots of large trees that grow nearby are also a problem.


If you are interested in a swimming pool in the garden, we invite you to take advantage of our service!