Autumn – be careful of the leaves in the swimming pool

They are really pretty to look at, but they can be very messy around your house!

Falling Leaves… This is what we want to talk about today! If you have trees surrounding your swimming pool, then, you probably know what we are talking about.  Even if you always keep the trees trimmed, those leaves always seem to find a way to fall into your pool.  In some cases, your pool may end up with a carpet of leaves at the bottom and a thick layer still floating on top.

The fall season is here.  If you don’t want to go through the difficult task of cleaning your “teacup” pool, we advise you to read on and find out methods to get those leaves off the surface quickly, and the best way for dredging leaves from the bottom of the pool.

If you find leaves on the pool’s surface, remove them quickly before they sink.  Here are some ways to avoid leaves from sinking to the bottom of your pool:

Reduce the suction from the main drain of the pool. This way, the skimmers can pull strongly.  If there are two skimmers, you may need to adjust the valves to equalize their suction.  How do you make it work?  Open the far skimmer to 100% and open the skimmer near you to 75% in order to adjust for the closeness to the pool pump.  This will help to keep leaves from sinking.

Make sure that your skimmer weir is in place. Skimmer weirs improve the speed of the water flowing into the skimmer, and when the pump shuts off, the skimmer weir floats to a vertical position, trapping leaves inside of the skimmer.

If you have problems with broken skimmer baskets, from too many hard-packed leaves, try a clog-less skimmer basket. This innovative device keeps the water flowing through the pump, even when it is full!

Keep the water level at mid tile, don’t allow rain to raise the water level so much that the leaves have trouble entering the mouth of the skimmer.

Did you find that difficult? Don’t worry, you can always call ATLANTIR! We offer professional services of cleaning and maintenance of swimming pools in the area of Orihuela Costa and surroundings!