Atlantir keyholding services

 Atlantir key holding service can make your holiday in Spain better

Atlantir key holding service is the best solution

Keyholding is the act of keeping a spare key to a residential or commercial property and being able to respond as a professional representative caretaker for the property owner when necessary. It means we will prepare your apartment everytime you come back to Spain or have some guests coming. It means safe, clean and prepared house- just the way you like it!


Just before you come to your apartment we will give it a full and professional cleaning – removing the dust, vacuum cleaning, floor waxing, windows, toilet disinfection etc.  We can also provide laundry services as well as anything else you need.


Your flight lands late at night? You like to have some hot milk or a cup of tea before going to bed? We provide a grocery shopping ready in your apartment on your arrival. Fresh milk, bread, and butter, a bottle of wine or full shopping for the whole week?No problem, all as you wish straight to your fridge from the best shops in the area.


Atlantir is a professional company offering the pool maintenance services, gardening and reparations. We can run a full inspection of your property making sure that everything will be in the best condition for your holidays.


You would like to let your apartment to your friends or family or rent it out while you are away? We provide the check in and check out services. While having the keys to your property we can run your scheduled visits taking care of the cleaning afterward.


While you are back home we can collect post that is delivered to your apartment. Some burglars leave false post sticking out of your letterbox to test their theory that you are away. By having our Key Guard collect your posts we are not only protecting your personal information from fraud but also protecting your property from preying thieves.


Whilst you and your family are away and the apartment is empty, it’s the perfect opportunity to organize any repair, decorating or construction works. We can complete regular inspections of your home, both internally and externally, to ensure all is well and secure until your return.


Arrive at the airport and suddenly remember you didn’t lock the back door; don’t let it ruin your day, just call Atlantir and we can lock it for you as well as check all locks in the property while we are there.

For more information on the services we provide, you can contact us at 965 726 208