7 ways to save water

Save water – we hear this phrase quite often. However, how can we make our efforts bring the right effect?

One family consumes an average of 150 to 200 liters of water a day. Of this, only 10 to 20 liters are used for drinking and preparing meals. The rest is used for bathing, washing, washing, flushing toilets, care of plants or wasted in the form of for example leaking taps or cisterns.

In the last two years, water bills in Spain have increased by more than 40 percent. and they will continue to grow in the near future. Check what are the best ways to save water!

It is worth approaching saving not only from the point of view of the current fashion for ecology but also for purely economic reasons. In 40 percent we use the water for the entire household in the bathroom, 10 percent in the kitchen, the remaining 50 percent we spend on washing, cleaning, watering the garden, etc.

If we want to make savings in the use of water, we must start by changing our habits. Here are the ten basic ways to save water.

1. Turn off the tap

Did you know that turning off the tap while brushing your teeth could save 13 liters of water a day? If the entire adult population of Spain remembered to do this, we could save 180 megalitres a day – enough to supply nearly 500,000 homes and fill 180 Olympic swimming pools! Shocking! Don’t you think?

2. Take a minute off your shower

Cutting a minute off your shower can save seven liters of water every time. Plus it saves you time in the morning, so it’s a win-win!

3. Stop the drip

A dripping tap can waste more than 3,000 liters of water a year. Make sure you turn off taps fully or fix drips, and your household could save nine liters of water every day.


  1. Installation of aerators on battery taps

Perlator, or a sieve aerating the water stream and separating it, is also a simple way to save water. Installing such attachments on taps of a basin and sink mixers allows you to get up to 50 percent. water saving, with a much better washing and rinsing effect.




5. Installing the so-called economical cisterns

Cistern with a “stop” function or a 3l / 6l split for a 3l / 6l saving flush is also an important element in the fight against water cost reduction. Starting with flushing a smaller amount significantly reduces water consumption.


  1. Watering the garden


A garden is also a place that needs large amounts of water. It is, however, worth knowing the requirements of plants that we have in our gardens as to the needs in terms of humidity.

It is more economical to water the garden less often but generously. As a result, the water will reach the root system of the plants, and will not evaporate from the surface of the leaves or the ground. In the case of a lawn, it is best to water it early in the morning before the air temperature rises.


  1. Economical car washing

In this matter, we will make big savings thanks to a simple procedure – we will exchange water from a hose to a bucket with water and a brush. It should also be remembered that the cleaning agents used to clean the car can contaminate the environment. Therefore, it is worth ensuring that the brushed water has an outlet to the proper sewerage system.


The above “seven” is the basic possibilities of saving water and bills for it in every home. It’s worth taking a close look at how it looks in our case.

Certainly, not all savings can or we want to enter immediately. However, the introduction of even a few of them – immediately – will allow significant savings in the home budget.