5 reasons why swimming in pools is one of the best exercises you could do.


Do you Want to improve your workout routine? Bored from the gym? Swimming is one of the best sports that also helps you burn calories.


  1. Swimming is a low-impact exercise

Some popular forms of exercise, like running, can be hard on the joints. Not so with swimming—this exercise burns calories but at the same time, it’s low-impact enough that astronauts use underwater training to simulate zero-gravity space conditions. This makes swimming an ideal form of exercise for seniors, people recovering from injuries, and people with conditions such as arthritis that make them particularly vulnerable to joint damage.

2.Swimming is also a great whole-body workout

You may not feel like you’re working hard as sunshine spills on your face and cool pool water laps against your skin. But swimming is definitely a full body workout that burns calories like any other fitness routine.

3. Swimming is cardio and strength training in one

Swimming tones your cardiovascular system, ultimately helping you to breathe more efficiently as you build endurance. And water makes you feel light, but it’s actually over 780 times denser than air. You’ll work every muscle of your body as you press through this dense resistance to glide through the pool.

4. Water exercise is safe for people with injuries

Because water creates a buoyant state, swimming is the ideal calorie burning exercise for those recovering from injuries. And even for people who can’t swim, calorie-burning exercises like walking in the water, water weight training, or kicking with a paddleboard can be a great substitute.

5. Water is a natural mood booster

In addition to the depression-thwarting benefits common to any form of exercise, swimming offers particular mood boosting capabilities. Medical experts dating back to Hippocrates have recommended hydrotherapy for both physical and mental health conditions. And water induces a tranquil state, soothing the stress and anxiety of overstimulated senses of the modern world.

Make sure you hit the pool clean and safe, if you need professional help, call Atlantir.