4 clever ways to beat the heat on a budget when you don’t have a pool!


Do you dream about your own, private swimming pool to cool down during hot summers in Spain? Is your lawn too small (or your budget too short) to consider installing it this year? Don’t worry, you can still cool off this summer. Each one of these swimming pool alternatives costs less than an in-ground pool and is relatively low-maintenance. So continue to read and find this 4 ideas to make yourself cool without getting into the swimming pool!


A misting system

Whether you go the quick-and-easy route with a simple misting fan, or you supply your entire garden with a misting system, this cooling mechanism will be your salvation all summer long.

For about 100 euro, a misting fan easily hooks up to your garden hose and can be placed wherever you need it. With three speeds and the option to oscillate, this chilly wonder will cool off cookouts and backyard parties.

 A mobile pool

These swimming pools are stylish, affordable, easy to maintain, easily installed and relocatable – meaning, if you want to, the pool can move with you. Some of the advantages of an above ground mobile swimming pool are:

  • Minimal earthworks
  • The height of the swimming pool is above pool fencing requirements if installed as a freestanding unit
  • A small footprint – ideal for compact sections or challenging sites
  • Each pool is manufactured to your requirements-your colors and specifications

There are also suitable for children as much as for the adults!

Inflatable pool

The inflatable pool makes it easy to set up a quality “temporary” pool in your backyard or driveway.  Simply lay out the swimming pool on a flat surface, inflate the collar with air, and add water. The self-adjusting collar floats its way to the top of the pool, pulling the rugged walls along with it. When constructed of heavy duty marine grade vinyl, the inflatable pool is good to last more than one season, saving you a trouble for more than just this summer.  It even comes equipped with its own pump and filter!

A splash pad

It’s the perfect item for the whole family, adults included! While it’s easy to install (just attach a hose), it’s also one of the more expensive options in this list. Bigger pads cost more, as do those that can be permanently installed. But for a setup that’s quick and easy, our money’s on this souped-up sprinkler.



If after this you are still thinking of making a real pool in your home and want to know all the specifications and costs, contact Atlantir for a free quotation, we are always here to help.